Email Marketing

Email Marketing

With the growth in popularity of social media, some people think email is old-fashioned – or even dead as a business tool.  But guess what?  Email remains one of the most powerful communication tools for directly and effectively reaching your customers.

Your customers use email every day. By using it to regularly deliver valuable information that they need and want, you can become a valued resource they’ll reach out to when they need your products or services.

An effective Email Marketing program offers numerous benefits: it’s cost effective, your followers drive repeat traffic through word-of-mouth and referrals, and you can track your results to quickly see if your efforts are paying off – and then make adjustments to improve your results.

Waller PR can help you:

  • Build email lists of your target audiences
  • Develop effective topics and subject lines to reach targeted audiences
  • Create the appropriate tone for your communications
  • Craft simple, effective messages that convey valuable information
  • Track your results (from email “opens” to responses)
  • Test similar messages to determine the most effective version
  • Create methods for encouraging two-way conversations with customers