Brand Ambassador Development

Brand Ambassador Development

When you think about how to grow your customer base, placements in the media and support from industry thought leaders come to mind. While those are great client referral sources, the real frontline of brand ambassadorship for your business is your employee. Your employees have the power to make or break you success, regardless of the quality or uniqueness of your product or service. They also are a tremendous source of customer information.

If you want a customer service-driven culture, or if you have heard less-than-stellar feedback from clients on challenging interactions they have had with members of your team, we can help. Our customer service experience can be leveraged to develop your frontline staff into your best ambassadors (the key to return and referral business) and to turn negative experiences into learning opportunities for employees across your organization.

You people are your most valuable asset. They often hear first from the customer what is going well, what is frustrating, and what new services or products they would like to see. Why not tap their power?

Waller can help your team with:

  • Secret shopping (phones, social media, in-person, email)
  • Customer service training
  • Client focus groups
  • Employee focus groups
  • Tools to improve employee product and service knowledge