Vanessa McLearen



Vanessa’s diverse work history and love for learning new things has garnered her professional career experiences ranging from education course development and regulatory affairs for medical device manufacturing, to private family insurance and coordinating community involvement for the fall 2014 Improve our Tulsa Campaign. Outside of the 8-5, she throws her talent and passion into fundraising and event planning for Zarrow International School.

She is a graduate of The University of Tulsa, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Art History and English.


United States Air Force. I still think of Aviano, Italy as my honorary hometown.

Favorite game on summer nights?

I LOVE cards, especially an Italian card game called Scopa and a Jamaican rummy game called Kalooki.

How many languages do you speak?

I am conversant in French and Italian. Oh, and English!

Do you have a green thumb?

My husband, Lance has two green thumbs and I seem kill almost anything that’s not human. So the deal we’ve worked out is:  he sows the garden and I harvest and cook the resulting bounty. I love to cook.

Favorite book?

“Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis (and close second is the entire Harry Potter series)

 What major life lesson have you learned from your kids?

That people do things in their own time. You can’t rush a skill that someone isn’t ready to learn.

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