Crisis Planning: How Your Company Benefits Even Without a Crisis

Posted by admin on June 18, 2015

(Part one of a three part series on crisis planning.)

In the event of a crisis – no matter the size or the scope – involving your brand, all your stakeholders will benefit from your company planning ahead. We mean everyone: your talent, your customers, your vendors, your investors, your community—as well as the media outlets that may be called upon to communicate your issue.

However, even if you never have a crisis, or you only have a smaller-scale issue that needs prompt addressing, the preparation process for a “big event” offers numerous rewards. Through the process of planning, you will establish new procedures, identify strong speakers, align objectives across departments, and grow communication confidence on your team.

Building a comprehensive crisis plan also:

  1. Provides leadership and public affairs staff the chance to discuss challenges before they arise
  2. Serves as the catalyst to develop a communications contact list and spokesperson hierarchy (beneficial for positive news opportunities/product launches as well)
  3. Encourages the creation and/or fine-tuning of messaging about your business
  4. Helps your employee population understand what to do in an emergency situation.

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