Why Waller & Company?

Our value is immeasurable: we’re willing to take the road less traveled to make sure we reach the right destination.

What makes Waller stand apart from the crowd? One of our clients put it to us this way: “When we’re choosing a partner to work with, we ultimately ask ourselves a simple question: who would we want to ride with if we’re going on a cross-country road trip?”

Your communications program IS a journey, and Waller has built a reputation for being the firm people want to have on the trip — because of our creativity and the exceptional results we deliver, as well as for our easy, uncomplicated approach to working with clients.

There are many factors that separate Waller & Company from other firms. Here are just a few:

  • We specialize in creating communications and marketing campaigns that stand out and capture people’s attention — and their imagination.
  • We’re small enough to be flexible and agile, large enough to have a real impact.
  • We’re not afraid to look at things differently. That’s how we find new ways to tell your story.
  • We’re also different in that we shoot straight with our clients. We don’t believe in telling them what they want to hear — we tell them what they need to hear. After all, that’s what a trusted PR counselor is supposed to do.